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The Great Alone, winner of the Best Sports Documentary at the 2015 La Costa Film Festival, will have its world premiere on February 9th. This isn’t any traditional theatrical release, but rather a special event exclusively designed for Lance Mackey fans.

The Great Alone is a full-length documentary about the life of champion sled dog racer and cancer-survivor Lance Mackey. The San Diego screening is scheduled for *Tuesday, Feb. 9th at the AMC Mission Valley 20 Theatre.

Lance Mackey is currently training to compete in the March 2016 Iditarod race, the same grueling 1,000 mile Alaskan race he’s previously won four times. We caught up with the film’s director, Greg Kohs, about the film’s world premiere and future projects.

“We’re creating an event,” Kohs said about the world premiere. “Everyone is rallying and gathering to celebrate Lance and his story. It’s creating a real sense of community across the country and in Alaska.” Indeed, the film is set to screen simultaneously on 50 plus theaters worldwide!

We asked Kohs about his journey on getting The Great Alone to the big screen. “I’ve been involved with the film since 2007 after Lance’s first Iditarod race that he won. That’s when I discovered Lance and his story. He went on to win three more times after we met. So I’ve been pursuing him and his story since 2007. We actually set out to officially make the film in 2012. We shot the 2013 race and continued to film in Alaska afterwards and now here we are.” The road to the big screen also took time, “The film covers Lance’s life span. It isn’t a sprint, it’s more like the Iditarod. It’s a thousand mile race,” Kohs said.

What’s next for the filmmaker and Lance Mackey? Kohs says he has an Oscar-nominated actor and screenwriter attached to remake The Great Alone documentary into a dramatic narrative Hollywood film. Lance Mackey’s story is far from over.

“Now we’re going to get the development funds and get that going,” the director said. “I was inspired by Lance’s story. I want to share it with other people.”

Visit The Great Alone for more information about showtimes and locations in your area and to reserve tickets.

* Please buy your tickets early to guarantee the showing at the link above. There are still about 24 tickets short of their goal for the San Diego screening.