Win Film Development Deal with Hollywood Studio!

Do you have a priceless film concept but need help to develop its potential? Maybe a short film that could be a full-length feature? Now’s your chance to make that dream a reality!

How to Submit: Tell your story in a maximum 5 minute film pitch uploaded via along with a Log Line (project synopsis) of a maximum of 75 words.* Your pitch can be as simple or elaborate as you want-it’s your story. Just make sure your pitch is original and keep it to 5 minutes or under. Pitches submitted after the Submission Deadline (July 31, 2018) will not be considered.

*Participant eligibility is expressly conditioned upon the submission of a fully executed Release Agreement to which these submission instructions are attached as Exhibit A.

Selection Process:

A panel of independent judges will select 10 finalists from the pool of 5-minute pitches that are submitted through with a $25 fee. The ten finalists will be notified of their selection and request their attendance at the Festival to present their ideas live to a panel of judges consisting of seasoned producers and film industry executives hungry for new material. Each finalist will have 5 minutes including Q&A to make their case. The selected winner will have the opportunity to refine their pitch under the guidance of one of the judges to ultimately pitch for sale to a studio partner.*

*(Mandalay Sport Media does not participate in the initial selection process)
All finalists are responsible for their own travel and overnight accommodation expenses.


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Prize Breakdown:

Winner: The La Costa Film Festival’s REEL Pitch panel judges, which will include a surprise motion picture executive, will choose ONE winner after hearing the 10 live pitches. The winner will receive a meeting with one of the judges (based on genre, style and subject to availability) to explore the idea of his/her film and gain knowledge of turning pitch to script and ultimately deliver to one of MSM’s studio partners for development. *

Download Release Form

*No specific studio/network is guaranteed to hear the winner’s pitch.