LCFF 2014 Short

Our Tough Guy

What happens when a mild mannered man becomes one of hockey’s most notorious “enforcers”. In one of the most infamous moments in National Hockey League history, on December 1, 1977, John Wensink, after just fighting Alex Pirus of the Minnesota North Stars, skated over to the Minnesota bench and motioned with his hands, challenging the entire team but no player responded. This short film captures the infamous moment and career of John Wensink, giving us a glimpse of the real man behind the title of “enforcer”.

Raised in a small New Hampshire town, Mollyʼs artistic calling led her to the prestigious Glasgow School of Art, and then on to Brown University. From there, she leaped energetically into the world of commercials, music videos, and film, and hasnʼt stopped since.
Mollyʼs whimsical and unique imagination stems from a background in illustration, photography and “the small things in life” – all of which have influenced the approach she takes toward filmmaking. Approaching her work with a deep respect for the ubiquitous and the mundane, Mollyʼs marvelous worlds are a tour de force, telling stories that captivate and engage the viewer from start to finish.
Her creative endeavors have led to sold-out exhibitions of her paintings and drawings, music videos for the likes of The Raveonettes and Mark Ronson, and commercials for Nokia, Converse, Trident, and Leviʼs. Molly is also a regular contributor to Paper Magazineʼs “Check You Out” video series, with her hilariously kooky films, featuring notable Los Angeles personalities in pop culture, such as Malin Akerman, Devendra Banhart, and the brilliant comedy duo ThunderArt (Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein from the critically-acclaimed IFC series, “Portlandia.”)
The queen of all multi-hyphenates, there doesnʼt seem to be anything Molly Schiot canʼt do ― illustrator, filmmaker, animator, photographer, painter, writer, baker, set maker and so on. Mollyʼs body of work thus far has allowed her to showcase her sharp intellect and offbeat humor, as she constantly thrills audiences with her latest creations.
Mollyʼs favorite book is Blueberries for Sal.