LCFF 2014 Movie

On The Way To School

These children live in the four corners of the earth, but share the same thirst for learning. They understand that only education will allow them a better future and that is why, every day, they must set out on the long and perilous journey that will lead them to knowledge.

Jackson, 11, lives in Kenya. Twice a day he and his younger sister walk 15 kilometres through a savannah populated by wild animals…

Carlito, 11, rides more than 18 kilometres twice a day with his younger sister, across the plains of Argentina, regardless of the weather…

Zahira, 12, lives in the Moroccan Atlas Mountains. An exhausting walk on foot along punishing mountain paths awaits her before she and her two girlfriends can reach their boarding school…

Samuel, 13, lives in India. The 4 kilometres he has to travel each day are an ordeal, as he doesn’t have the use of his legs. His two younger brothers have to push him all the way to school in a makeshift wheelchair…

ON THE WAY TO SCHOOL immerses us in the extraordinary routines of these children, whose sheer will to accomplish their dream leads them onto a path we have all walked – but never like this.

Length: 77 mins
Genre: Documentary

Pascal Plisson
Writer/director Pascal Plisson is no stranger to shooting in the wild. In the early 1990s he specialized in documentaries about men living in extreme conditions, from Siberia to the Australian desert. Soon the African wilderness called his name, and he settled into Kenya and Tanzania making wildlife documentaries for National Geographic, BBC, and Canal+. It was here that he came to know and love the Massai people. His first feature film, Massai (2004), told the incredible story of Massai warriors on the hunt for a lion that will bring needed rain. His real encounter with three Massai kids who had been running for two hours just to get to school inspired this award-winning documentary directed by Plisson and co-written with Marie-Claire Javoy.