LCFF 2014 Movie

Life’s A Breeze

LIFE’S A BREEZE is a charming dramedy that follows a family struggling to stay afloat and together through hard times in Ireland. When the family makes a well-intentioned attempt to clean out their mother’s house, and accidentally trashes a mattress she has been stashing her life savings in, Nan (Fionnula Flanagan), her unemployed slacker son Colm (Pat Shortt), and his niece Emma (Kelly Thornton) must overcome their many differences to lead their family in a race against time to find a lost fortune.

Length: 83 minutes
Genre: Comedy

Lance Daly has made five feature films – LAST DAYS IN DUBLIN (2001), THE HALO EFFECT (2004), KISSES (2008), THE GOOD DOCTOR (2011) and LIFE’S A BREEZE (2013). He is very private (some would say paranoid) and unwilling to disclose any other biographical information. Anything currently available in the public domain is untrue.