LCFF 2014 Movie

La Despedida

Toni and Manu take Jose, their recently deceased friend, on a road trip through Europe to scatter his ashes from The Eiffel Tower, on Lake Annecy and on The Coliseum, honoring his deathbed wishes. This adventure will test their friendship, their will to forgive, and explore love and destiny that comes in the shape of Monica, a beautiful women they meet in Rome. In this road trip a guy in an urn will teach them a life changing lesson; that we travel not to escape life, but for life not to escape us.

Length: 85 min
Genre: Adventure/Comedy/Romance

Alvaro Díaz Lorenzo
Born in Madrid and raised in Malaga, where he attended a British school, becoming bilingual at a very early age. Graduated with Honors from the University of Sunderland (UK) in Film and Media Studies. After graduating he moved back to Spain where he shot several shorts, until he made his film debut as a film director and screenwriter with Cafe Solo o Con Ellas (Love Expresso) obtaining several awards and becoming the forth highest grossing Spanish movie of 2007.