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film submission la costa film festival

Each year, we receive hundreds of film submissions, from narrative features to short films. This year, along with the general submissions and high school shorts, we are welcoming film submissions for college shorts. Curious about the film submission process? Check out these common FAQ’s and be sure to submit your film before time runs out!

Q) How can I tell if my film is a good fit for the Festival?
A) We welcome narrative features, documentaries, and short films from around the world. We offer a special focus on sports films with a jury award selection in those same three categories. We also offer a special competition for high school students and a separate competition for college students. The Festival audience chooses their own favorites in each category, and we proudly showcase those so honored. We appreciate the tremendous effort and passion that goes into the making of each film, and we treat each submission with great care.

Q) What happens to my film after it is submitted?
A) Each film is assigned to a screening team that is focused on the genre of the submission. The film will be viewed and rated by a minimum of five screeners in the first round. It may go through an additional three rounds before the final selection is determined.

Q) Who is on LCFF’s screening committee?
A) The screening committee is a dedicated group of volunteers who hail from all walks of life, including filmmakers. They each follow a point-based rating system that allows for a consistent review of their results, as well as offering evaluative comments.

Q) How many films are submitted to LCFF every year?
A) We are entering our fourth year, and have experienced a significant increase each time. It is difficult to project what the total will be but we are still in the hundreds in submissions at this point.

Q) How many films are accepted?
A) We accepted approximately fifty films last year, which included a good number of shorts. We currently have twenty-six screening slots, with two of those reserved for our shorts showcases. We are looking to add screening venues, so that number is subject to change.

Q) What qualities do accepted films share?
A) Film is the art of visual storytelling, and the best are alike in their uniqueness.

Q) Are there any entry fees required to submit a film?
A) We charge a modest fee for each film submitted, which depends on the genre of the film and when it is submitted. Please review the pricing matrix on the FilmFreeway page for specific fees and deadlines.

The deadline for film submissions are as follows: Regular deadline: April 30, 2016; Late Deadline: May 31st; Extended Dateline: June 17th. For more information about how to submit your film and guidelines, please click here.