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Nancy Kapitanoff filmmaker

Nancy Kapitanoff is a filmmaker in every sense of the word – she played the important roles of writer, director and producer of her short documentary film, “Before Babe: The Women Who Changed Golf.” Her film screened at the 2014 La Costa Film Festival, and we took the opportunity to follow up with Nancy to see where she is now.

LCFF: What are you up to these days since your film “Before Babe: The Women Who Changed Golf” screened at LCFF, back in 2014?

Kapitanoff: Megan Murphy and I have written a pilot script based on “Before Babe,” for development into a TV series, featuring lots of great female characters!

Additionally, at the beginning of 2016, I put my research background to work as a Consulting Sports Cataloguer for Los Angeles-based Julien’s Auctions, for the auction, “Pelé: The Collection,” which took place in London on June 7, 8 and 9, 2016.

Perhaps my favorite aspect of producing documentary films such as “Before Babe” is the initial research I do on the topic of the film, as well as the search for film footage, photos and other visual materials to include in the film. What fun it was to research the life of the legendary Pelé, three-time World Cup Champion, FIFA Player of the Century and Brazilian Football icon.

LCFF: Can you share with us what your experience was like being part of LCFF, including your screening event and the people you met at LCFF?

Kapitanoff: LCFF was a delightful experience on every level. The festival staff and volunteers did everything they could to accommodate the needs and wishes of filmmakers. “Before Babe” screened on opening night on the (big) outdoor screen, which felt so appropriate for our golf film. The opening night event before the screening was welcoming with good local food and drinks. It was a comfortable opportunity to meet and talk with several filmmakers, festival staff, local moviegoers and supporters of the festival. And given that “Before Babe” is a sports film, we appreciated the festival’s spotlight on sports films and its Sports Short Film competition.

LCFF: What is the status of “Before Babe” these days?

Kapitanoff: “Before Babe” began screening at film festivals in 2013. La Costa Film Festival was its last stop on that “tour,” which also included screenings before several women’s golf organizations on the East Coast. Megan’s and my goal has been to expand the short version to a full-length documentary, covering the beginning of women’s golf in Britain and the United States circa 1890 through 1935, when Olympic Gold Medalist Babe Didrikson came onto the golf scene. So far, the costs for rights to archival materials have proved prohibitive, but we have not given up on this goal.

A special thanks to Nancy Kapitanoff for this interview. Stay tuned to find out which film will be screened on opening night!