LCFF 2014 Movie

Don’t Quit: The Joe Roth Story

Don’t Quit: The Joe Roth Story chronicles the life of Joe Roth, Cal’s All American QB who beat cancer at nineteen years of age, but whose NFL dreams never materialized when the disease returned to claim his life two years later.

The films puts a face on melanoma, a misunderstood and lethal form of skin cancer that claims the life of one American every hour. If this disease can cripple and kill an elite athlete at 21 years of age, its risks are worth publicizing, especially through the compelling biography of an authentic hero like Joe Roth.

Blending historical images with contemporary interviews of Joe’s family and closest friends, Don’t Quit demonstrates how the timeless qualities of courage, humility and competitive greatness never go out of style, setting a new standard for motivational sports-themed films in the process.

Length: 85 mins
Genre: Documentary/Sport

About the Filmmakers
In 2009, friends and Cal alums Bob Rider and Phil Schaaf met for a cup of coffee – at a small out of the way place called Starbucks – and Bob related that he wanted to bring Joe’s remarkable story to the public.
First time filmmakers and co-Directors, their collective hope is that the documentary inspires a new generation to Joe’s example while raising awareness about melanoma, the disease that took his life. The matter is personal as it claimed the life of Rider’s younger sister, Kerry, and that of a close friend to Schaaf.