LCFF 2014 Movie

Chasing the Wind

Anna hasn’t seen her family for a decade. She’s moved to Berlin, where she now works as a fashion designer, happily living with Mathias. When her grandmother dies, she reluctantly returns to her small town in Norway to take care of the arrangements and stays with her grumpy grandfather. But in the week leading up to the funeral, nothing goes as expected and secrets that were kept for too long are soon revealed. Anna is forced to reconsider how she lives her life and learn to care for the ones she really loves.

Length: 93 mins
Genre: Drama


Rune has worked both as director and producer in the documentary genre for 10 years. He started his career in Motlys as production assistant and researcher for a historic documentary on Roald Amundsen. He has directed the feature length documentaries “Too much Norway” (2005), and “99% Honest”(2008), both with cinema release and critical acclaim. Through his documentaries he has proved his storytelling abilities, and also his original and warm approach to his characters, which he has brought with him into the feature film genre. His debut feature, “North” (2009), won the international crit-ics’ FIPRESCI prize at the Berlinale, and the Best New Narrative Filmmaker prize at the TriBeCa Film Festival. The film sold to over thirty territories.