Director statement: I wish there was a way for me to fully articulate what Catalina means to me. It’s so much more than a home to me, it’s an integral part of my identity. I’ve spent my young life going out in the wild hills of Catalina Island. I know them, and I love them.

If you’ve ever been to Catalina, you might have an idea of just how stunning and special this place is. If you have not, them I implore you, let us share the beauty of this island with you. Catalina draws over 1 million visitors a year. I hope this film will give audiences an opportunity to catch a glimpse of what it is that captivates the hearts and minds of so many.

Director/Executive Producer
Developing a strong connection with the wild was not only a major element of Spencer Creigh’s updringing, but it is a major aspect of his identity. Spencer has produced, written, and directed several international documentaries on an array of different topics. He carries his passion for the current and future state of the environment, humanitarianism, and adventure into every project he develops.

Associate Producer/Cinematorgrapher/DP
Michael Barth is one of the most distinguished documentary cinematographer graduates from Chapman University. Michael has extensively pursued a deeper understanding of his passion for environmental and wildlife filmmaking. A life-long immersion in Southern California nature is what has led Michael to chase his dreams of becoming a full-time wildlife cinematographer, showcasing the artistry of living creatures today while visually exploring the pertinent environmental issues of tomorrow.