An unspoken connection deepens when two neighbors, who share a daily ritual but have never actually met, face the inevitable…together.

Albert and Marta, both in their late 70s, live across the street from one another in a bustling section of Berlin’s Mitte. Every day, the two neighbors meet – each in their perspective windows – at nine am to watch the world unfold below them. One morning, the clock strikes nine but there is no sign of Albert. Tapping into a well of courage, Marta crosses social and personal boundaries and makes a trip to the other side of the street. What she finds there, unleashes a youthful energy within her. With this newfound strength, she comforts and surprises her dear neighbor and friend.

Length: 20 min
Genre: Short/Drama/Romance

Benjamin Wolff

Benjamin Wolff was born in Hamburg, Germany, and studied directing at the London Film School. His thesis film Like A Never Ending Sunday (2001) was an official selection at the Edinburgh and Potsdam film festivals. Benjamin worked as a 1st AD and as a staff editor, then began directing German episodic television as he was completing his film studies. He now is an established commercial director based in Berlin, repped at The Directors Club – Frankfurt, helming spots for McDonalds, Volkswagen, Mercedes Benz, RTL, Sat1, IKEA and Hermes. Benjamin directed the iconic “Crazy Leaders” Amnesty International commercial featuring the comedic skewering George W. Bush. The spot garnered several awards including an Epica Award – Silver, and a Best Commercial win at the 2008 Cresta Awards. In addition to his agency and corporate work, Benjamin also shoots documentary films.