LCFF 2014 Short

Anna Beautiful Gaze

Thanks to a famous picture of Lucio Dalla, a young kid understands that being tall is not important to succeed in life. The short movie is also a tribute to the memory of Lucio Dalla.

Length: 15 mins
Genre: Short/Comedy/Music

Vito Palmieri was born in Bitonto (Bari) the 1st of October 1978. In 1998 he moved to Bologna to study Cinema at the University of Bologna where he graduated in Filmology in 2004. In 2006, he was acknowledged with more than 50 awards from critics and audiences for his short film Tana libera tutti (Everyone saved, 2006), only played by children. This short film was funded by the Italian Ministry of Heritage and Culture and was nominated for the David di Donatello.
Given the success of Tana libera tutti, Vito started a career full of projects where he emphasized the world of childhood and its related matters. Since then, the children have always been the main focus of his entire production.
He directed Se ci dobbiamo andare, andiamoci (If we have to go let’s go, 2009), and Eclissi di fine stagione (End of season eclipse, 2011).

In 2011 he directed his first documentary Il Valzer dello Zecchino – Viaggio in Italia a tre tempi (The Zecchino’s Walz – A trip to Italy in three movements), which won the first prize as best documentary at Annecy Cinéma Italien and other important awards.

In May 2012 Vito Palmieri directed Anna bello sguardo (Anna Beautiful gaze) a short film realized with a Junior High School in Bologna, which pays homage to Lucio Dalla, a famous singer from the same city who died a few months before.
In November 2012 Vito directed Matilde, a short film produced by Agfa (Association of Parents of deaf children), presented in Berlinale 2013, at the section Generation Kplus.At TIFF (Toronto International Film Festival) at the section Kids, Matilde has won the best live-action short film award, given by the adult jury. The actors of this short movie are all deaf and Matilde, the protagonist, is a child looking for a solution to live her life with serenity.