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Reel Pitch

What’s a film pitch? The film pitch is the whole story compressed down to just minutes to inform and impress producers, film executives and directors on your concept. The goal is to leave them believing the film has a market. Because there are just minutes to convince and sell the film idea, perfecting the pitch is vital for the success of your project. Want the chance to sit down with top studio executives to develop your film idea? Here are some of our tips to submit your film idea for The Reel Pitch.

1. Keep it short
The pitch should be proportional to the script or film concept. If set up like a traditional script, with three acts, the dedicated time allotted in the pitch should reflect how long each act is. Keep it at 5 minutes or less, and dedicate about 90 seconds for Act 1, 2 1/2 minutes for Act 2, and 90 seconds for Act 3.

2. Show your passion
Demonstrate your excitement and passion for the project. Your enthusiasm will generate their enthusiasm. A dull or super serious pitch will only work against you. Judges for The Reel Pitch like to see emotion.

3. Remember the genre
State the genre of the film in the beginning of the pitch, and remember utilize genre expectations. If it’s a horror film, make sure to pitch with suspense. If it’s a comedy, make sure to include comedic elements.

4. Use specific language
Word choice is crucial for a successful pitch. The right adjectives and verbs can help listeners visualize the film. Practice and refine the pitch and log line to be sure the wording accurately portrays the sense of the film.

5. Focus on the story
Being passionate about the film is one thing, but don’t let your connection to the story get the best of you. Often people make the mistake of going into too much detail about different characters or why the story is important to tell. Remind yourself to center the pitch around the story. What will the audience see in the opening scene? What’s the challenge the main character faces? How does the film conclude, is there resolution?

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