3 Tips From 2015 Reel Pitch Contestant: Elizabeth Sorvillo

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Elizabeth Sorvillo Reel Pitch

The LCFF’s 2016 Reel Pitch Contest is right around the corner. Need help in preparing for your film concept pitch in October? 2015 Reel Pitch contestant, Elizabeth Sorvillo shares some helpful tips.

Elizabeth Sorvillo pitched her project “Control Burn” at the 2015 Reel Pitch event and was one of its ten Finalists (her moving project concerned a Catholic abuse scandal). Her outstanding pitch attracted the attention of one of the top judges who, despite Elizabeth not winning the contest, is helping Elizabeth fine tune her project. Elizabeth shared these tips to help guide prospective Reel Pitch contestants in putting their best foot forward while pitching at La Costa Film Festival.

Elizabeth Sorvillo’s Top Three Tips for Pitching Your Film Concept:

Tip #1: “Be yourself. You want to dress like you normally dress. I was in jeans and Van’s [sneakers]. That’s me and I wanted to be me. I think everybody respects that.”

Tip #2: “Rehearse, rehearse, rehearse. Rehearse in front of a mirror at home. Time yourself so you say everything you want to say within five minutes . . . Bring notes or index cards [to keep yourself on track].”

Tip#3: “Be prepared to go with the flow. President of Women in Film, Cathy Schulman, stopped my pitch mid-pitch and was developing a rapport with me. She was asking me some questions. I had to wing it from that point on. So be prepared to wing it if you need to.”

Think you’re ready to become a contestant in The Reel Pitch? Head over to LCFF’s Reel Pitch page for more information, including how to submit your pitch. Elizabeth Sorvillo is living proof that you don’t have to win to attract filmmakers to champion your work. You just have to come well-prepared and have a great idea to impress the judges.

The Submission deadline has been extended to September 15 so don’t miss this great opportunity. Good luck and we can’t wait to see you there!