Welcome to Happiness

Saturday 9/12 - 7:30 pm - Omni La Costa Resort


A children’s book author, Woody Ward (“American Sniper’s” Kyle Gallner), is the gatekeeper to a mysterious door in his closet that only allows certain people to enter. One such person, a suicidal artist (“The Killing’s” Brendan Sexton III), is led down a rabbit hole of bizarre coincidences that ultimately bring him to Woody’s doorstep.  Though he has no idea where the door leads, Woody happily shepherds people through until he finds out the truth and his life is forever changed.

The ensemble cast also includes Olivia Thirlby (“Juno”), Nick Offerman (“Parks and Recreation”), Keegan-Michael Key (“Key & Peele”), Josh Brener (“Silicon Valley”), Paget Brewster (“Criminal Minds,” “Community”), Frances Conroy (“Six Feet Under,” “American Horror Story”), and Molly Quinn (“Castle”).

Saturday 9/12 – 7:30 pm – Omni La Costa Resort

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