The Red Thunder

Saturday 9/12 - 6:30 pm - Ruby G. Schulman Auditorium


Sarah (Allie Grant, “Suburgatory”), a nerdy teenager, needs her mom’s brand new car to go on a date with Danny (Miles Heizer “Parenthood”), the boy she is in love with. Her mom, Dr. Thun (Karen Strassman, “Silicon Valley”), an absent minded Podiatrist is concerned about Sarah driving by the dangerous streets of downtown Los Angeles. She tells her daughter she may need her car if one of her patients has an emergency, but Sarah doesn’t buy it. After all, Dr. Thun is just a Podiatrist… Sarah receives a message from Danny asking if she is going to pick him up and she decides to disobey her mom and borrows the car. Little does she know the vehicle is actually part of a secret Dr. Thun keeps and this discovery will change Sarah’s life forever…

Saturday 9/12 – 6:30 pm – Ruby G. Schulman Auditorium (screening with Hollywood Blvd USA, and 7 Miles of Paradise)

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